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Discover your goal with the WHY principle.

Discover your goal with the WHY principle.

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1. The WHY principle explained

The WHY principle is an excellent tool to find your goal . This principle assumes that people do the things that make them happy or that give them meaning . So if you want to find out why you’re doing something, you should ask „Why am I doing this?“.

The WHY principle encourages you to reveal your desires and needs and to get to know yourself better. It also helps you develop a strategy and gives you the power to pursue your goals more effectively.

2. How to apply it

Applying the WHY principle is easy. Before you start figuring out what the goal is, you should first ask yourself: Why do I want to achieve what I want to achieve?

This question helps us to understand what is our motivation and inspiration behind the goal . You can also ask yourself questions like:

-What are the values ​​behind my goal?

-What does it mean for me?

-How will it change my life?

After that, you can start thinking about what steps are needed to reach your goal. Make a list of all the tasks and hurdles that need to be overcome. Prioritize these tasks based on urgency and difficulty. If you have a long list, you can break it up into smaller sublists. This gives you an overview and you always know exactly what is coming up next.

The WHY principle also helps you build motivation and not lose sight of your goal. Always remember:

  • If I reach my goal, will it do me any good?
  • Why am I doing all this?
  • What do my efforts promise me?

By asking and answering such questions, the focus stays on the ultimate goal . Finally, let’s look at how best to achieve our goal.

Explore the various options available to you:

  • Can I ask someone else for help?
  • Are there any resources or tools that could help me?
  • Can I use my time better?

The better informed you are, the greater the chance of actually achieving your goal. With the WHY principle we get a framework that can help us to approach our goal effectively and ultimately to achieve it. So it’s not just about moving faster – but also about remembering our reason for pursuing our goal and what our focus is. With this principle you find out what your „why“ is – and thus the way to happiness!

3. Why the WHY principle works

There are many reasons why the WHY principle is so effective. First of all, there is the inner motivation. When you have your why focus and are trying to achieve your goal, you will be much more energized to achieve your goals than without a clear direction.

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and lose yourself. The Why principle motivates you to get active and get started.

Another reason why the WHY principle works is the way it affects your decisions . Knowing your why focus makes it easier for you to decide which strategies will help you achieve your goals. You can more easily consider what is right or wrong for you and where the greatest opportunities lie.

It also helps you prioritize tasks – you can more easily figure out what’s most important and focus on it.

Finally, the Why principle also helps you to overcome challenges . When you know why you’re doing something—whether it’s a personal goal or a professional project —you have a powerful reason to stop and keep going.

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