KYC as a Service : Meet German KYC requirements. Do your KYC Checks with S + P Compliance Services.

Are you looking for an efficient solution for the onboarding of your customers? With KYC as a Service, an innovative digital S + P solution is available to you.

S + P Compliance Services carries out the KYC Check for natural persons and legal entities, based on German requirements. This makes the onboarding of your new clients in Germany simple and secure. We offer our KYC Check for clients based in Europe and worldwide. The storage of the KYC documents is EU-GDPR compliant.

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# KYC as a Service: Meet German KYC requirements

The 4 Step Check is an innovative digital solution from S + P Compliance Services. It makes the onboarding of new clients efficient and secure. You receive a complete KYC check for your customer and fulfill your AMLA duties of care.


KYC Check: B2B Check
§ 11 GwG regulates the obligations for the identification of a legal entity or a partnership. We carry out this check worldwide. We identify your contractual partners, the person appearing and determine the beneficial owner.

With PEP checks and SIP checks, we determine the customer risk profile B2B.


KYC Check: B2C Check
Natural persons are identified with Video Ident. Your customer can identify himself conveniently and easily with our digital solutions.

With PEP checks and SIP checks, we determine the customer risk profile B2C.


Embargo and Sanctions Check
We carry out the necessary checks against embargo lists and financial sanctions lists for you.

The embargo and sanctions check covers checks on persons, companies, aircraft, ships as well as regions and countries.


KYC as a Service: Meet German KYC requirements


Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

With the S + P Onboarding Check you fulfill the general due diligence requirements (CDD) according to § 10 GwG. This includes

  1. the identification of the contractual partner and, if applicable, of the person acting on his behalf in accordance with § 11 para 4 and § 12 para 1 and 2 as well as the verification whether the person acting on behalf of the contractual partner is authorized to do so
  2. clarifying whether the contracting party is acting on behalf of a beneficial owner and, if so, identifying the beneficial owner in accordance with § 11 paragraph 5. This includes, in cases where the contracting party is not a natural person, the duty to find out the ownership and control structure of the contracting party by reasonable means,
  3. obtaining and assessing information on the purpose and intended nature of the business relationship, insofar as this information is not already unequivocally apparent from the business relationship in the individual case,
  4. Using appropriate risk-oriented procedures, whether the contractual partner or the beneficial owner is a politically exposed person, a family member or a person known to be closely associated.

If the S + P Onboarding Check shows a higher client risk profile, we carry out EDD checks. Appropriate measures are taken to determine the origin of the assets to be used in the business relationship or transaction. A supplementary Adverse Media Check is also carried out here.

With the Adverse Media Check , a check is carried out on the following facts:

  • Anti-competitive behavior
  • Financial difficulty
  • Information rights / copyright / patent issues
  • Management problems
  • Environmental problems
  • Product / service problems
  • Production / supply chain problems
KYC as a Service: Meet German KYC requirements

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