Länderrating Schulz-Beratung

Transparency in Asset Management  – S+P Country Rating

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The following table gives you an overview of country ratings. Being elaborated by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch rating agencies, a classification system of credit ratings of individual countries is composed in an alphabetically sorted and frequently updated list.

Legend to the column „Outlook“:
S Stable
P Positive
N Negative
WN Watch Negative

Länderrating-Übersicht (Stand März 2015)
Abu Dhabi AA AA S13.02.2015  AA AA S20.02.2015  – Aa2 S11.07.2011 
Ägypten B- B S19.12.2014  B- B- S14.11.2014  Caa1 Caa1 S20.10.2014 
Äthiopien B B S07.11.2014  B B S07.11.2014  – B1 S09.05.2014 
Albanien – – ––  B B P10.10.2014  B1 B1 S12.08.2014 
Andorra – – ––  A- BBB+ S03.10.2014  – – –– 
Angola BB- BB- S10.10.2014  BB- B+ S13.02.2015  Ba3 Ba2 S08.08.2014 
Argentinien CCC RD –31.10.2014  CCC- SD –30.07.2014  Caa1 Caa1 N31.07.2014 
Armenien BB- B+ S30.01.2015  – – ––  Ba2 Ba2 S20.08.2013 
Aruba BBB BBB- S23.07.2014  A- BBB+ S13.12.2013  – – –– 
Aserbaidschan BBB- BBB- S26.09.2014  BBB- BBB- S01.08.2014  Ba1 Baa3 S19.04.2012 
Australien AAA AAA S24.03.2014  – AAA S07.12.2007  Aaa Aaa S15.12.2014 
Bahamas – – ––  BBB+ BBB N11.12.2012  Baa1 Baa2 S02.09.2014 
Bahrain BBB BBB N19.12.2014  BBB BBB- N09.02.2015  Baa1 Baa2 N18.09.2013 
Bangladesch BB- BB- S29.08.2014  – BB- S05.04.2010  Ba3 Ba3 S17.04.2014 
Barbados – – ––  BB+ BB- N13.12.2013  Ba1 B3 N02.06.2014 
Belarus (Weissrussland) – – ––  B- B- S10.10.2014  B1 B3 N14.06.2013 
Belgien AA AA N30.01.2015  AA AA S23.01.2015  Aa3 Aa3 S07.03.2014 
Belize – – ––  B- B- S13.12.2013  Ca Caa2 S15.04.2013 
Benin – – ––  B NR –13.12.2013  – – –– 
Bermuda A+ A+ S30.05.2014  AA- AA- N01.04.2014  Aa3 A1 S19.05.2014 
Bolivien BB- BB- P12.08.2014  BB- BB S19.12.2014  B1 Ba3 S08.06.2012 
Bosnien-Herzegowina – – ––  B B S19.09.2014  B2 B3 S10.07.2012 
Botswana – – ––  A- A- S07.11.2014  A2 A2 S24.11.2011 
Brasilien BBB BBB S10.07.2014  BBB BBB- S24.03.2014  Baa3 Baa2 N09.09.2014 
Bulgarien BBB- BBB- S19.12.2014  BBB BB+ S12.12.2014  Baa3 Baa2 S22.07.2011 
Burkina Faso – – ––  B B- S05.12.2014  – – –– 
Cayman Islands – – ––  – – ––  Aa3 Aa3 S12.02.2013 
Chile AA- A+ S21.10.2014  A+ AA- S13.12.2013  A2 Aa3 S16.06.2010 
China A+ A+ S04.04.2014  AA- AA- S29.11.2012  Aa3 Aa3 S16.04.2013 
Cook Islands – – ––  BB+ B+ S11.12.2012  – – –– 
Costa Rica BB+ BB+ S27.01.2014  BB BB S10.10.2008  Baa3 Ba1 S16.09.2014 
Cote d'Ivoire B B P09.01.2015  – – ––  – B1 P08.07.2014 
Curaçao – – ––  – A- S13.12.2013  – – –– 
Dänemark AAA AAA S20.02.2015  AAA AAA S03.10.2014  Aaa Aaa S15.11.2003 
Demokratische Republik Kongo – – ––  B- B- S13.02.2015  – B3 S01.09.2013 
Deutschland AAA AAA S16.01.2015  AAA AAA S09.01.2015  Aaa Aaa S28.02.2014 
Dominikanische Republik B+ B+ S21.11.2014  B+ B+ S13.06.2011  B1 B1 S30.10.2014 
Ecuador B- B S16.10.2014  B+ B+ S09.02.2015  Caa1 B3 S19.12.2014 
El Salvador BB- BB- N11.07.2014  BB BB- N13.12.2013  Ba2 Ba3 S05.11.2012 
Estland A+ A+ S28.11.2014  AA- AA- S12.12.2014  A1 A1 S31.03.2010 
Fidschi Inseln – – ––  B- B P19.12.2014  B1 B1 S13.02.2013 
Finnland AAA AAA S26.09.2014  AAA AA+ S10.10.2014  Aaa Aaa S23.07.2012 
Frankreich AA+ AA S12.12.2014  AA AA N10.10.2014  Aa1 Aa1 N19.09.2014 
Gabun BB- BB- N05.12.2014  BB- B+ S13.02.2015  – Ba3 S12.12.2014 
Georgien BB- BB- P17.10.2014  BB- BB- S14.11.2014  Ba3 Ba3 P22.08.2014 
Ghana B B N26.09.2014  B B- S24.10.2014  B1 B2 N27.06.2014 
Griechenland B B N16.01.2015  B B- WN06.02.2015  Caa1 Caa1 UR06.02.2015 
Großbritannien AA+ AA+ S12.12.2014  AAA AAA S12.12.2014  Aa1 Aa1 S19.09.2014 
Guatemala BB BB S20.06.2014  BB BB S11.12.2012  Ba2 Ba1 S10.07.2013 
Honduras – – ––  B+ B S13.12.2013  B2 B3 S27.02.2014 
Hongkong AA+ AA+ S15.09.2014  AA+ AAA S16.12.2010  Aa2 Aa1 S16.04.2013 
Indien BBB- BBB- S11.04.2014  BBB- BBB- S26.09.2014  Baa3 Baa3 S20.12.2011 
Indonesien BBB- BBB- S13.11.2014  BB BB+ S13.12.2013  Ba1 Baa3 S18.01.2012 
Irland A- A- S13.02.2015  A- A S05.12.2014  Baa3 Baa1 S16.05.2014 
Island BBB BBB P30.01.2015  BBB- BBB- P16.01.2015  Baa3 Baa3 S07.02.2013 
Israel A+ A S21.11.2014  A+ A+ S13.02.2015  A2 A1 S17.04.2008 
Italien BBB+ BBB+ S24.10.2014  BBB BBB- S05.12.2014  Baa2 Baa2 S14.02.2014 
Jamaika B- B- S25.02.2014  B- B- P19.12.2014  B3 Caa3 P12.02.2014 
Japan A+ A+ WN09.12.2014  AA- AA- N18.02.2013  Aa2 A1 S01.12.2014 
Jordanien – – ––  BB- BB- S19.12.2014  Ba2 B1 S26.06.2013 
Kambodscha – – ––  B+ B S31.10.2011  B2 B2 S05.03.2014 
Kamerun B B S05.12.2014  B B S09.02.2015  – – –– 
Kanada AAA AAA S19.08.2014  AAA AAA S29.07.2002  Aaa Aaa S15.11.2003 
Kap Verde B B S19.09.2014  B B S13.06.2014  – – –– 
Kasachstan A- BBB+ S07.11.2014  BBB+ BBB N09.02.2015  Baa2 Baa2 P16.08.2013 
Katar – – ––  AA AA S09.02.2015  Aa2 Aa2 S25.07.2007 
Kenia B+ B+ S23.01.2015  B+ B+ S07.11.2014  – B1 S08.11.2012 
Kolumbien BBB+ BBB S20.11.2014  BBB- BBB S13.12.2013  Baa3 Baa2 S28.07.2014 
Kongo B+ B+ S03.10.2014  B+ B S09.02.2015  – Ba3 S11.10.2013 
Kroatien BB BB S06.02.2015  BB BB S23.01.2015  Ba1 Ba1 N21.03.2014 
Kuba – – ––  – – ––  Caa1 Caa2 S23.04.2014 
Kuwait AA AA S19.12.2014  AA AA S13.02.2015  Aa2 Aa2 S15.03.2014 
Lesotho BB BB- S31.10.2014  – – ––  – – –– 
Lettland A- A- S05.12.2014  A- A- S28.11.2014  Baa1 A3 S13.02.2015 
Libanon B B N12.12.2014  B- B- S10.10.2014  B2 B2 N16.12.2014 
Liechtenstein – – ––  AAA AAA S05.09.2014  – – –– 
Litauen A- A- S03.10.2014  A- A- S03.10.2014  Baa1 Baa1 P05.09.2014 
Luxemburg AAA AAA S16.01.2015  AAA AAA S26.09.2014  Aaa Aaa S28.02.2014 
Macao AA- AA- S21.05.2014  – – ––  Aa3 Aa2 S02.03.2014 
Malaysien A A- N23.07.2014  A- A- S09.02.2015  A3 A3 P30.01.2015 
Malta A A S12.09.2014  BBB+ BBB+ S09.01.2015  A2 A3 S04.10.2013 
Marokko BBB BBB- S24.10.2014  BBB- BBB- S14.11.2014  Ba1 Ba1 S02.09.2014 
Mauritius – – ––  – – ––  Baa2 Baa1 S26.06.2012 
Mazedonien BB+ BB+ S05.09.2014  BB- BB- S31.10.2014  – – –– 
Mexiko A- BBB+ S01.05.2014  BBB+ BBB P13.12.2013  Baa1 A3 S05.02.2014 
Moldawien – – ––  – – ––  – B3 S12.08.2010 
Mongolei B+ B+ N11.12.2014  BB- B+ S19.12.2014  B1 B2 N17.07.2014 
Montenegro – – ––  BB- B+ S14.11.2014  Ba3 Ba3 N31.10.2014 
Mosambik B+ B+ S07.11.2014  B B S06.02.2015  – B1 S20.09.2013 
Namibia BBB BBB- S28.11.2014  – – ––  – Baa3 S22.09.2012 
Neuseeland AA+ AA P08.07.2014  AA+ AA S29.09.2011  Aaa Aaa S20.10.2002 
Nicaragua – – ––  – – ––  Caa1 B3 S18.04.2013 
Niederlande AAA AAA S09.01.2015  AA+ AA+ S21.11.2014  Aaa Aaa S07.03.2014 
Nigeria BB BB- S03.10.2014  BB- BB- WN10.02.2015  – Ba3 S07.11.2012 
Norwegen AAA AAA S31.10.2014  AAA AAA S31.10.2014  Aaa Aaa S15.11.2003 
Österreich AAA AA+ S13.02.2015  AA+ AA+ S26.09.2014  Aaa Aaa S28.02.2014 
Oman – – ––  A A- S09.02.2015  A1 A1 N20.02.2015 
Pakistan – – ––  B- B- S15.11.2010  Caa1 Caa1 S14.07.2014 
Panama BBB BBB S07.03.2014  BBB- BBB S11.12.2012  Baa3 Baa2 S31.10.2012 
Papua-Neuguinea – – ––  – B+ S13.09.2007  B1 B1 S15.11.2003 
Paraguay BB- BB- P31.01.2014  BB- BB S19.12.2014  Ba3 Ba2 P04.02.2014 
Peru A- BBB+ S30.09.2014  BBB BBB+ S13.12.2013  Baa2 A3 S02.07.2014 
Philippinen BBB- BBB- S25.03.2014  BBB- BBB S19.12.2014  Baa3 Baa2 S11.12.2014 
Polen A- A- S06.02.2015  A- A- P06.02.2015  A2 A2 S15.11.2003 
Portugal BB+ BB+ P10.10.2014  BB BB S07.11.2014  Ba2 Ba1 S25.07.2014 
Ra's al-Chaima A A S21.11.2014  A A S31.10.2014  – – –– 
Ruanda B+ B+ S23.01.2015  B B P12.09.2014  – – –– 
Rumänien BBB BBB- S05.09.2014  BBB- BBB- S17.10.2014  Baa3 Baa3 S25.04.2014 
Russland BBB BBB- N09.01.2015  BBB- BB+ N26.01.2015  Baa3 Ba1 N20.02.2015 
Sambia B B P19.09.2014  B+ B+ N13.12.2013  – B1 S07.11.2012 
San Marino BBB+ BBB+ S09.01.2015  – – ––  – – –– 
Saudi Arabien AA AA S05.09.2014  AA- AA- N09.02.2015  A1 Aa3 S15.02.2010 
Schweden AAA AAA S19.12.2014  AAA AAA S26.09.2014  Aaa Aaa S15.11.2003 
Schweiz AAA AAA S07.11.2014  AAA AAA S21.11.2014  Aaa Aaa S23.05.2013 
Senegal – – ––  B+ B+ S19.12.2014  B1 B1 P07.11.2014 
Serbien B+ B+ S09.01.2015  BB- BB- N16.01.2015  – B1 S14.07.2013 
Seychellen B+ B+ S06.02.2015  – – ––  – – –– 
Singapur AAA AAA S02.12.2014  – AAA S07.12.2007  Aaa Aaa S15.11.2003 
Slowakei A+ A+ S20.02.2015  A A P30.01.2015  A1 A2 S04.10.2013 
Slowenien BBB+ BBB+ S17.10.2014  A- A- S19.12.2014  Ba1 Baa3 S23.01.2015 
Spanien BBB+ BBB+ S24.10.2014  BBB BBB S14.11.2014  Baa3 Baa2 P21.02.2014 
Sri Lanka BB- BB- S28.04.2014  B+ B+ S11.12.2012  B1 B1 S02.07.2013 
St. Vincent u. Grenadinen – – ––  – – ––  B2 B3 N21.11.2014 
Südafrika BB+ BBB N12.12.2014  BBB- BBB- S12.12.2014  Baa1 Baa2 S16.11.2014 
Südkorea AA AA- S19.08.2014  A A+ P19.12.2014  A1 Aa3 S27.08.2012 
Surinam BB- BB- S12.05.2014  B- BB- S19.12.2014  Ba3 Ba3 S14.02.2014 
Taiwan AA- A+ S18.07.2014  AA- AA- S10.06.2010  Aa3 Aa3 S15.11.2003 
Thailand A- BBB+ S06.03.2014  BBB+ BBB+ S09.12.2010  Baa1 Baa1 S02.06.2014 
Trinidad und Tobago – – ––  A A S14.09.2009  Baa1 Baa1 S16.01.2013 
Tschechien AA- A+ S14.11.2014  AA- AA- S23.01.2015  A1 A1 S19.07.2013 
Türkei BBB BBB- S03.10.2014  BB+ BB+ N21.11.2014  Ba1 Baa3 N11.04.2014 
Tunesien  BB BB- N24.10.2014  – – ––  Ba2 Ba3 N25.11.2013 
Uganda B B+ S13.02.2015  B B S16.01.2015  – B1 S20.12.2013 
Ukraine CCC CC –13.02.2015  CCC CCC- N19.12.2014  Caa2 Caa3 N04.04.2014 
Ungarn BBB- BB+ S28.11.2014  BB BB S19.09.2014  Ba1 Ba1 S07.11.2014 
Uruguay BBB BBB- S04.04.2014  BB+ BBB- S11.12.2012  Baa3 Baa2 S29.05.2014 
USA AAA AAA S19.09.2014  AA+ AA+ S10.06.2013  Aaa Aaa S18.07.2013 
Venezuela B CCC –18.12.2014  CCC+ CCC N09.02.2015  Caa1 Caa3 S13.01.2015 
Ver. Arabische Emirate – – ––  – – ––  Aa2 Aa2 S10.07.2007 
Vietnam BB- BB- S03.11.2014  BB BB- S11.12.2012  B2 B1 S29.07.2014 
Zypern B- B- P24.10.2014  B B+ S24.10.2014  Caa3 B3 S14.11.2014 


S+P Expert Services

Rating analysis & Rating optimisation for better interest rates

Restructuring of the liabilities side & Refinancing

Capital structure optimisation & Costs optimisation

Financial planning & Liquidity requirements

Business valuation according to IDW Standard S1

Recruitment & Restructuring according to IDW-Standard S6

Intangible value assets according to IDW-Standard S5

S+P Accounting & Controlling services

Total revenue

Calculation & Contribution margin accounts

Growth-focused controlling tools

Financial planning & Liquidity planning

Working capital analysis & Controlling

Preparation of bank credit reports

Business planning & Rating solutions

Business & Rating planning

S+P Services for Personnel Development

Target system & Management system

Establishment of transparent management organization

Implementation of effective controlling tools

Introduction of SMART target system

Systems for employee assessments

New payment systems & Systems for employee assessments

Manager selection

Successor search

S+P Sales Services

Establishment of lean sales

Selection of sales channels

Employee training of sales conversations

Introduction of controlling tools for selling

S+P Services for Interim Management & Management Support

Company management support – Preparation & Bank negotiations

Interim management

Corporate valuation

Successor search & Corporate legislative rules

Company sales organization

Consulting services

S+P Services for Banks, Financial Services Providers, Factoring- & Leasing Companies, Insurance & Pension Funds

SP-Partners – SP-Studies – SP-Tools – SP-Checks

SP-Partners – Asset management & Management of own securities deposits

SP-Partner –  Risk management requirements for rating & Investment credit analysis

SP-Partners – Development of management of own securities deposits

SP-Partners – Selling management

SP-Partners – Establishment of sales credit analysis

SP-Partners – Products for private & Corporate customer business

SP-Partners – Consulting services for entrepreneurs

SP-Partners – Risk management & Compliance

SP-Partners – Minimum requirements for risk management – Compliance

SP-Partners – Risk control – Function

SP-Partners – Concepts of Risk management

SP-Partners – Risk scenarios & Stress tests

S+P Partners – Minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) – CRD IV – CRR – Minimum requirements for compliance (MaComp) – Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMD)

SP-Partners – Money-laundering & Fraud

SP-Partners – Management & Human resources development

SP-Partners – Strategic personnel recruitment

SP-Partners – Development of advanced education concepts – Seminars – Inhouse trainings

Information for Finances

SP-Partners – European banking regulations – Asset quality review – ECB-manual

SP-Partners – Strategies – Banks transformation – Restructuring

SP-Partners – Corporate continuity – Emergency planning

SP-Partners – Money-laundering – Risk analysis – Anti fraud

SP-Partners – Compliance system – Minimum requirements for compliance (MaComp) – The Securities Trading Act Compliance

SP-Partners – Risk management – Basel III – Minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk)

SP-Partners – Banks – Risk-bearing capacity – Capital planning

SP-Partners – Liquidity pricing system

SP-Partners – Banks – Stress plan – Restructuring plan

SP-Partners – Financial services provider – Authorization – Registration

SP-Partners – Insurance companies – Minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk)

SP-Partners – Factoring – Leasing

SP-Partners – Interest rate risks – Banking book

SP-Partners – Administrative board – Supervisory board 

S+P Services for Medium-sized Businesses & Companies

SP-Partners – SP-Studies – SP-Tools – SP-Checks

SP-Partners – Rating optimization

SP-Partners – Interim management

SP-Partners – Liquidity check

SP-Partners – Succession – Successor data base

SP-Partners – Bank negotiations

SP-Partners – Corporate valuation

SP-Partners – Future prospects

SP-Partners – Business strategy

SP-Partners – Risk management system

SP-Partners – Credit strategy

SP-Partners – Working capital

SP-Partners – Interest rate strategy

SP-Partners – Interest rate cockpit

SP-Partners – Rating of medium-sized companies

SP-Partners – Country rating 

Information for Medium-sized Companies 

SP-Partners – Sector comparison – Competitive analysis – Key figures

SP-Partners – Financial resources – Subsidy

SP-Partners – S+P interest rate-cockpit

SP-Partners – Corporate valuation – Succession – Successor data base

SP-Partners – Price management – Pricing knowledge

SP-Partners – Corporate planning – Strategy

SP-Partners – Risk management

SP-Partners – Liquidity planning – Company funding – Basel III – Treasury management

SP-Partners – Research – Development

SP-Partners – Economic crime – Anti fraud – Compliance

SP-Partners – Money-laundering – Risk analysis – Preventive measures


Corporate Management

Training corporate management education: Business management

Training corporate management education: Controlling education

Training corporate management education: Management analysis

Training corporate management education: Leadership education

Training corporate management education: Labour law education

Training corporate management education: Training corporate culture education

Training corporate management education: Business management training

Training corporate management education: Certified chief executive officer (CEO)

Training corporate management education: Risk management education

Leadership Education – Communication – Team Development

Training leadership: Training leadership skills

Training leadership: Leadership education

Training leadership: Conflict education – Training conflict resolutions

Training leadership: Leading high performance teams – Team leadership

Training leadership: Target agreement – Delegation skills – Motivation skills

Training leadership: Decision-making policy

Training leadership: Project management education

Training leadership: Leadership style – Staff development

Training leadership: Training leadership education

Training leadership: Building of high performance teams – Team leadership

Training leadership: Leadership development

Training leadership: Decision-making process

Training leadership: Project management tools

Training leadership: Conflict management policy

Training leadership: Management & Leadership

Training communication education: Management assistant

Training communication education: Motivation skills – Communication performance – Time management

Training communication education: Project management education – Leadership style – Communication

Training communication education: Time management techniques – High performance results

Training communication education: Training conflict education

Training communication education: Communication training – Communication tools

Training communication education: Career building – Conducting target agreement meetings

Training communication education: Conflict solutions education

Training team development: How to manage staff !

Training team development: Human resource planning

Training team development: Leadership building

Training team development: Training team building

Training team development: Motivation skills & Staff efficiency

Training team development: Human resources education – Recruitment training

Training team development: Decision-making process

Training team development: Building of high performance teams – Team leadership

Training team development: High performance development

Training team development: People management skills

Financial Management & Control

Finance education: Financial management education – Liquidity management

Finance education: Liquidity analysis

Finance education: Leadership performance – Leadership education – Human resources education

Finance education: Business management training

Finance education: Balance sheet analysis

Finance education: Financial management & Liquidity management

Finance education: Business management education

Finance education: Balance sheet

Finance education: Financial reporting training

Corporate Valuation & Succession

Training corporate valuation: Corporate selling – Business succession

Training corporate valuation: Corporate value – Effective succession

Training corporate valuation: Management succession

Training corporate valuation: Corporate valuation performance

Training corporate valuation: Succession analysis – Leadership education

Training corporate valuation: Conflict management – Family business

Compliance & Anti Money Laundering 

Compliance training: Money laundering management – Fraud management

Compliance training: Anti money laundering – Fraud management

Compliance training: Money laundering process – Fraud management

Compliance training: Fraud training 

Compliance training: Fraud management policy

Compliance training: Risk management analysis – Risk assessment policy

Compliance training: Financial crime policy

AML Training: Compliance management – Alternative Investment Fund Managers – Sales professionals

AML Training: Compliance – Anti money-laundering

AML Training: Selling professionals

AML Training: Compliance – New Minimum Requirements for Risk Management

AML Training: Compliance – Bank regulations

Asset Investment Management

Asset management & Rating valuation: Rating policy – Bank regulations

Asset management & Rating valuation: Asset investment management – Interest rate investment

Asset management & Rating valuation: Bank regulations – Funds transfer pricing system

Planning & Development

Training planning: Liquidity ratio

Training planning: Financial liquidity

Training planning: Liquidity policy

Training planning: Financial management & Liquidity management

Training planning: Balance sheet policy – Equity optimization – Treasury management

Training planning: Cash flow management – Working capital – Cash flow planning

Training working capital management: Liquidity ratio

Training working capital management: Financial liquidity

Training working capital management: Liquidity policy

Training working capital management: Financial management & Liquidity management

Training working capital management: Balance sheet policy – Equity optimization – Treasury management

Training working capital management: Cash flow management – Working capital – Cash flow planning

Training treasury management: Liquidity ratio

Training treasury management: Financial liquidity

Training treasury management: Liquidity policy

Training treasury management: Financial management & Liquidity management

Training treasury management: Balance sheet policy – Equity optimization – Treasury management

Training treasury management: Cash flow management – Working capital – Cash flow planning

Training cash flow planning: Liquidity ratio

Training cash flow planning: Financial liquidity

Training cash flow planning: Liquidity policy

Training cash flow planning: Financial management & Liquidity management

Training cash flow planning: Balance sheet policy – Equity optimization – Treasury management

Training cash flow planning: Cash flow management – Working capital – Cash flow planning

Training cash flow management: Liquidity ratio

Training cash flow management: Financial liquidity

Training cash flow management: Liquidity policy

Training cash flow management: Financial management & Liquidity management

Training cash flow management: Balance sheet policy – Equity optimization – Treasury management

Training cash flow management: Cash flow management – Working capital – Cash flow planning


Training sales: Effective sales

Training sales: Product management & Pricing management

Training sales: Pricing management

Training sales: Pricing education

Training sales: Sales essentials

Training sales: Strategic sales

Training sales: Training pricing management

Training sales: International sales

Training sales: International pricing strategies

Rating & Bank Negotiations Education

Training accounting: Balance sheet management

Training accounting: Balance sheet policy – Equity optimization

Training accounting: Management analysis – Rating policy

Training accounting: Rating system – Rating essentials

Training accounting: Negotiation education

Training accounting: Training negotiation policy

Training accounting: Rating essentials – Negotiating bank

Training accounting: Mastering financial negotiations – Bank negotiations training

Project Management Education

Project management education: Project management – Communication performance – Leadership education

Project management education: Project management

Project management education: Conflict management education

Project management education: Training office management – Administrative skills

Corporate Risk Management

Training risk management: Risk management education

Training risk management: New Minimum Requirements for Risk Management – Capital Requirements Directives – § 25KWG

Risk Management & Capital Requirements

New Minimum Requirements for Risk Management: New Minimum Requirements for Risk Management – Capital Requirements Directives – § 25KWG

New Minimum Requirements for Risk Management: Funds transfer pricing system

New Minimum Requirements for Risk Management: Compliance – New Minimum Requirements for Risk Management

All Seminars as Inhouse Trainings

Inhouse: Training corporate valuation

Inhouse: Leadership education – Communication – Team development

Inhouse: Financial management & Control

Inhouse: Training corporate valuation

Inhouse: Fraud education

Inhouse: Planning & Development

Inhouse: Sales

Inhouse: Rating & Bank negotiations education

Inhouse: Project management education

Inhouse: Risk management education

Inhouse: Risk Management – Capital Requirements

Inhouse: Controlling management

Inhouse: Working capital management

Inhouse: Treasury management

Inhouse: Compliance training

Inhouse: Asset investment management

Inhouse: Anti money laundering

Inhouse: Cash flow management

Inhouse: Cash flow planning

Inhouse: Training planning