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S+P Expert Services

Rating analysis & Rating optimisation for better interest rates

Restructuring of the liabilities side & Refinancing

Capital structure optimisation & Costs optimisation

Financial planning & Liquidity requirements

Business valuation according to IDW Standard S1

Recruitment & Restructuring according to IDW-Standard S6

Intangible value assets according to IDW-Standard S5

S+P Accounting & Controlling services

Total revenue

Calculation & Contribution margin accounts

Growth-focused controlling tools

Financial planning & Liquidity planning

Working capital analysis & Controlling

Preparation of bank credit reports

Business planning & Rating solutions

Business & Rating planning

S+P Services for Personnel Development

Target system & Management system

Establishment of transparent management organization

Implementation of effective controlling tools

Introduction of SMART target system

Systems for employee assessments

New payment systems & Systems for employee assessments

Manager selection

Successor search

S+P Sales Services

Establishment of lean sales

Selection of sales channels

Employee training of sales conversations

Introduction of controlling tools for selling

S+P Services for Interim Management & Management Support

Company management support – Preparation & Bank negotiations

Interim management

Corporate valuation

Successor search & Corporate legislative rules

Company sales organization

Consulting services

S+P Services for Banks, Financial Services Providers, Factoring- & Leasing Companies, Insurance & Pension Funds

SP-Partners – SP-Studies – SP-Tools – SP-Checks

SP-Partners – Asset management & Management of own securities deposits

SP-Partner –  Risk management requirements for rating & Investment credit analysis

SP-Partners – Development of management of own securities deposits

SP-Partners – Selling management

SP-Partners – Establishment of sales credit analysis

SP-Partners – Products for private & Corporate customer business

SP-Partners – Consulting services for entrepreneurs

SP-Partners – Risk management & Compliance

SP-Partners – Minimum requirements for risk management – Compliance

SP-Partners – Risk control – Function

SP-Partners – Concepts of Risk management

SP-Partners – Risk scenarios & Stress tests

S+P Partners – Minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) – CRD IV – CRR – Minimum requirements for compliance (MaComp) – Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMD)

SP-Partners – Money-laundering & Fraud

SP-Partners – Management & Human resources development

SP-Partners – Strategic personnel recruitment

SP-Partners – Development of advanced education concepts – Seminars – Inhouse trainings

Information for Finances

SP-Partners – European banking regulations – Asset quality review – ECB-manual

SP-Partners – Strategies – Banks transformation – Restructuring

SP-Partners – Corporate continuity – Emergency planning

SP-Partners – Money-laundering – Risk analysis – Anti fraud

SP-Partners – Compliance system – Minimum requirements for compliance (MaComp) – The Securities Trading Act Compliance

SP-Partners – Risk management – Basel III – Minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk)

SP-Partners – Banks – Risk-bearing capacity – Capital planning

SP-Partners – Liquidity pricing system

SP-Partners – Banks – Stress plan – Restructuring plan

SP-Partners – Financial services provider – Authorization – Registration

SP-Partners – Insurance companies – Minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk)

SP-Partners – Factoring – Leasing

SP-Partners – Interest rate risks – Banking book

SP-Partners – Administrative board – Supervisory board 

S+P Services for Medium-sized Businesses & Companies

SP-Partners – SP-Studies – SP-Tools – SP-Checks

SP-Partners – Rating optimization

SP-Partners – Interim management

SP-Partners – Liquidity check

SP-Partners – Succession – Successor data base

SP-Partners – Bank negotiations

SP-Partners – Corporate valuation

SP-Partners – Future prospects

SP-Partners – Business strategy

SP-Partners – Risk management system

SP-Partners – Credit strategy

SP-Partners – Working capital

SP-Partners – Interest rate strategy

SP-Partners – Interest rate cockpit

SP-Partners – Rating of medium-sized companies

SP-Partners – Country rating 

Information for Medium-sized Companies 

SP-Partners – Sector comparison – Competitive analysis – Key figures

SP-Partners – Financial resources – Subsidy

SP-Partners – S+P interest rate-cockpit

SP-Partners – Corporate valuation – Succession – Successor data base

SP-Partners – Price management – Pricing knowledge

SP-Partners – Corporate planning – Strategy

SP-Partners – Risk management

SP-Partners – Liquidity planning – Company funding – Basel III – Treasury management

SP-Partners – Research – Development

SP-Partners – Economic crime – Anti fraud – Compliance

SP-Partners – Money-laundering – Risk analysis – Preventive measures


Corporate Management

Training corporate management education: Business management

Training corporate management education: Controlling education

Training corporate management education: Management analysis

Training corporate management education: Leadership education

Training corporate management education: Labour law education

Training corporate management education: Training corporate culture education

Training corporate management education: Business management training

Training corporate management education: Certified chief executive officer (CEO)

Training corporate management education: Risk management education

Leadership Education – Communication – Team Development

Training leadership: Training leadership skills

Training leadership: Leadership education

Training leadership: Conflict education – Training conflict resolutions

Training leadership: Leading high performance teams – Team leadership

Training leadership: Target agreement – Delegation skills – Motivation skills

Training leadership: Decision-making policy

Training leadership: Project management education

Training leadership: Leadership style – Staff development

Training leadership: Training leadership education

Training leadership: Building of high performance teams – Team leadership

Training leadership: Leadership development

Training leadership: Decision-making process

Training leadership: Project management tools

Training leadership: Conflict management policy

Training leadership: Management & Leadership

Training communication education: Management assistant

Training communication education: Motivation skills – Communication performance – Time management

Training communication education: Project management education – Leadership style – Communication

Training communication education: Time management techniques – High performance results

Training communication education: Training conflict education

Training communication education: Communication training – Communication tools

Training communication education: Career building – Conducting target agreement meetings

Training communication education: Conflict solutions education

Training team development: How to manage staff !

Training team development: Human resource planning

Training team development: Leadership building

Training team development: Training team building

Training team development: Motivation skills & Staff efficiency

Training team development: Human resources education – Recruitment training

Training team development: Decision-making process

Training team development: Building of high performance teams – Team leadership

Training team development: High performance development

Training team development: People management skills

Financial Management & Control

Finance education: Financial management education – Liquidity management

Finance education: Liquidity analysis

Finance education: Leadership performance – Leadership education – Human resources education

Finance education: Business management training

Finance education: Balance sheet analysis

Finance education: Financial management & Liquidity management

Finance education: Business management education

Finance education: Balance sheet

Finance education: Financial reporting training

Corporate Valuation & Succession

Training corporate valuation: Corporate selling – Business succession

Training corporate valuation: Corporate value – Effective succession

Training corporate valuation: Management succession

Training corporate valuation: Corporate valuation performance

Training corporate valuation: Succession analysis – Leadership education

Training corporate valuation: Conflict management – Family business

Compliance & Anti Money Laundering 

Compliance training: Money laundering management – Fraud management

Compliance training: Anti money laundering – Fraud management

Compliance training: Money laundering process – Fraud management

Compliance training: Fraud training 

Compliance training: Fraud management policy

Compliance training: Risk management analysis – Risk assessment policy

Compliance training: Financial crime policy

AML Training: Compliance management – Alternative Investment Fund Managers – Sales professionals

AML Training: Compliance – Anti money-laundering

AML Training: Selling professionals

AML Training: Compliance – New Minimum Requirements for Risk Management

AML Training: Compliance – Bank regulations

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